Cider Maker, Richard Wise, has worked in the fruit industry for over 20 years, managing apple orchards across Kent.

After visiting the West Country for many years, Richard and his wife Paula started to get very interested in Cider, attending Cider Festivals and generally researching production methods.

So we then decided to make our own…

We made our first lot of cider in 2012 and had our first commercial batch bottled in June 2014. We use Kentish apples sourced from a friend’s farm in Pluckley (one of the “Most Haunted Villages in Britain”) and bittersweet cider varieties from near Bodiam Castle.

We use approximately eight different varieties of apple that we mill and press ourselves.

The cider is then initially fermented for around 2 months and is then racked (transferred) into sterile tanks to mature for a further four months before it is bottled or bulk stored.

We wanted to produce a cider that appealed to a wide range of tastes, for every generation, that was light, flavoursome and well rounded.

We think we have achieved that with our Dry and Medium ciders and hope you think so too.

We are looking forward to a cider-filled future!

KESR certificate 2015